Our Dance Programs

We welcome both the student who works toward a professional career in dance as well as the student who dances purely for the joy of movement and the benefits that transfer to everyday life.  Let us help find the right program for you!

Baby & Toddler


Baby and Me
For Ages 18 - 24 months 
Clap,tap,stretch & bend. Lot's of singing and dancing with Mom, Dad or caregiver. The class works on musicality, rhythm, flexibility & much more! 6-8 week sessions (no recital)

Tippy Toes
For Ages 24 - 36 months 
Girls and boys love to dance with scarves, hoops, instruments, tumble mats and more in this fun filled creative movement class. Movement memory, flexibility, dance vocabulary and coordination skills are taught through stories and songs.

6 week sessions (no recital)

Elementary Dance (ages 3 - 5)

Elementary Dance I, II & III 
For Ages 3-5
All levels of Elementary Dance incorporate basic ballet technique and terminology to lay the groundwork for success in higher level dance classes. They are play-based classes that also include creative and dramatic movement to emphasize gross motor skills and creativity. 

Elementary Dance I (age 3) includes basic tumbling to build upper body strength and awareness. 

Elementary Dance II (age 4) & III (age 5) incorporate Tap to teach rhythm and moving in time to music.


Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combination (ages 6 - 8)


Preliminary Ballet/Tap/Jazz I & II
For Ages 6-8 
These classes work to perfect the skills learned in Elementary Dance and use them in combinations. The students build on their ballet, tap and jazz vocabularies, creating a sound basis of strength, coordination and rhythm for all of the upper level classes.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz I (first grade)

Ballet/Tap/Jazz II (second grade)

Ages 8 - 18

Ballet"The Basis of all Forms of Dance"

We base our training on the Vaganova Syllabus. Ballet levels are graded (1) for beginner through (7) for advanced, with each level building on the skills of the previous one. Classes are from 1 to 1.5 hours in length.

This class is by invitation only, and is held immediately after a ballet class. Pre-requisites: Students who desire to study pointe must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet classes per week.

This class combines the technical training of classical jazz with the movements of today's Street Funk styles. Classes are held once per week for 1 hour. Levels are graded (1) for beginner through (6) for advanced, with each level building on the skills of the previous one. Pre-requisites: Level 6 students must be currently enrolled in two ballet classes per week.

Students are taught the art of creating rhythm and music with their feet while presenting visual pictures. Tap levels are graded (1) through (7) for advanced, with each level building on the skills of the previous one.

Our approach draws from the major codified techniques to teach the concepts of shape, dynamics and physical expression.

Pre-requisites: Students must have completed at least one year of a full-hour ballet class (level 1-7) and be currently enrolled in a ballet class.

Hippity Hop
Ages 5 to 8 

Hip Hop 
Ages 9 and up 
Based on Street Style dance. Get ready to move, sweat and have fun! 


Current Class Offerings

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